Kauai Activities For The Disabled

Kauai DisabledPeople often think that their use of a wheelchair or scooter precludes a visit to more remote and natural environments. The wonderful thing about Kauai, since it is part of the United States and subject to the Americans with Disabilities Act, is that it is a handicap-accessible environment in a natural and beautiful setting. In fact, there is no reason that limited mobility should limit your ability to enjoy such a beautiful place! Kauai offers many opportunities for everyone. Here are a few tips for visiting:


If you like photography, bring a telephoto lens and other equipment that does not require you to get up close to take a good photo. If you are going to relax, bring a bunch of books or load up your Kindle in advance. By thinking through exactly what you are going to do and going for, and making some early preparations at home, you can minimize the number of errands you need to do that might be harder to accomplish with some mobility or other restrictions in a new place. Save yourself as much time and effort as you can.


There are hundreds of places to stay in Kauai. Do your research and be sure to ask if there are plenty of ramps and elevators. Certain areas and condo complexes are known to be especially user-friendly for those with walking disabilities. A good place to start is by searching for “Poipu Paradise” in Google or another search engine. It will turn up a list of accommodations and you can start emailing or calling around for information quite easily.


-Handicap parking: bring your handicap sign or sticker to Kauai and put it on your rent car.
-Van Rental: you can rent a van from the Kauai Center for Independent Living.
-Public Buses: All public buses are lift-equipped.


Make sure to just give the restaurant a call before you go or ensure your guidebook notes which restaurants have easy access. One call can save you a lot of effort!


Many of the beaches provide an all-terrain wheelchair to visitors. The lifeguards at Poipu Beach Park, Lydgate Beach Park and Salt Pond Beach Park are happy to help you with this service, and it will allow easy access to all parts of the beach, water, and park.

Many other Kauai beaches have ample parking and no incline, making them suitable as well.


The best place to find out this information and to arrange for wheelchair rental is to call Gammie Home Care (808-632-2333)